Do patients need a prescription from a doctor to purchase MOVICOL?

No. Although MOVICOL is mainly prescribed by doctors and available on the PBS, it’s also available for purchase over the counter (OTC) at pharmacies, for patients with chronic constipation or for occasional use.

Is MOVICOL suitable as first line a treatment for occasional constipation?

Yes. MOVICOL has a gentle but effective mode of action1,2  and is an appropriate treatment for both occasional and chronic constipation. Iso-osmotic agents like MOVICOL are recommended as first line agents for constipation in the IMPACT Guidelines3 and diverse other guidelines4,5.

What is the mode of action of MOVICOL?

The macrogol in MOVICOL binds with water and retains it in the bowel. This allows the water to rehydrate and bulk the stool to trigger renewed colonic activity. Thanks to the electrolytes, this is achieved with an iso-osmotic effect which allows a net balance of water and electrolytes between the gut and the body. The laxative process is based on rehydration of the stool, which is a natural, yet effective, way of achieving comfortable bowel movement.

For more information on the mode of action, please view the video.

What is the dosage recommended for MOVICOL?

For adults the starting dose for a ‘standard’ episode of constipation is 1 sachet a day, and health professionals can adjust this dosage depending on the severity of constipation and the response as MOVICOL has a linear dose-response6.

There is a specific dosage for children as well as for faecal impaction. Please refer to the Approved Product Information or check dosage table here.

Alternatively contact your Norgine team on 1800 636 000.

Are packs of MOVICOL 8 sachets designed for people with occasional constipation?

Packs of MOVICOL 8’s may be more convenient for patients with occasional constipation depending on their needs, but the product has a long shelf life so occasional use customers may also prefer to keep a pack of 30 on hand for use when required.

Are there any issues with long term use of MOVICOL?

MOVICOL has been shown to be generally well tolerated in studies of up to 2 years duration.7 MOVICOL works in harmony by using water and the body’s own processes to facilitate regular bowel movement. MOVICOL is not a stimulant, and is not associated with ‘lazy’ bowel.

MOVICOL is currently listed on the PBS for up to 5 repeats.

How long will MOVICOL take to work?

MOVICOL usually takes 1 to 2 days to trigger the first bowel movement.

Is MOVICOL safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding?

While macrogol 3350 is virtually unabsorbed, there is no data on the use of MOVICOL in pregnancy and breastfeeding. MOVICOL should only be used if considered essential by the physician.

Can MOVICOL be used by people with diabetes or with lactose or gluten intolerance?

Yes. MOVICOL is suitable for people with diabetes, and is lactose and gluten free.

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